UNI-T UTS1000B/T Series Spectrum Analyzers

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UNI-T's UTS1000B/T Series of 1.5 & 3.2 GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzers are designed to enhance the capabilities of electrical engineers. 

  • 9 kHz ~ 3.2 GHz Frequency Range

  • 1 Hz ~ 1 MHz Resolution Bandwidth

  • -161 dBm Display Average Noise Level 

UNI-T UTS1000B/T Series 1.5/3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzers

Product Overview

Uni-T's UTS3000B Series of 2.1 & 3.6 GHz Performance-Series Spectrum Analyzers are designed to enhance the capabilities of electrical engineers. Featuring frequency ranges between 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz and a resolution bandwidth of 1 Hz to 1 MHz, these instruments present a multitude of advantages and applications for professionals working in the field.

Advanced Function

The UTS1000B/T Series offers a variety of advanced instrument functions, including: Channel power, Time domain power, Occupies Bandwidth, Third Order Intermodulation, Adjacent channel power, Spectrum Monitoring, Carrier-to-noise ratio, and Harmonic.












EMI Pre-Compliance Analysis

Optional components combined with near-field probes assist in locating and resolving EMI defects in advance


Rich Detector Functions

Positive peak, Negative peak, Sampling, Standard, Average, Quasi-peak


Intuitive Touch-Screen Operation

The 10.1-inch multi-touch HD capacitive screen streamlines menu adjustments and enables various gesture actions such as dragging, expanding, and zooming on the trace. This user-friendly interface elevates the user experience, guaranteeing swift and effective operation in a range of settings, whether in the field or laboratory.


4 Traces

The UTS1000B/T Series provides 4 traces to enable comparative observation and locate abnormal signals.


10001 Scan Points

Scan 10001 Points displays details far clearer, supports a greater effectiveness in capturing abnormal signals.


Excellent Selectivity

The UTS1000B/T Series has a stronger signal resolution capability of adjacent unequal amplitudes.


DANL <-161dBm

This series of spectrum analyzers has low bottom noise and more accurate measurements. A small signal can be accurately measured.


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