UNI-T UTG2000A Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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The UNI-T UTG2000A Series is the ideal entry-level waveform generator, offering powerful capabilities such as high-resolution and sampling rates in an affordable system, making it the perfect low-cost signal generator for beginners and veterans alike. 

  • Arbitrary Wavelength: 8 Kpts

  • Maximum Output Frequency: 25 MHz

  • Sample Rate: 125 MSa/s

UNI-T UTG2000A Series Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generators

Product Overview

Introducing the UTG2000A Series, setting a new standard for entry-level waveform generators. With features like 14-bit high resolution and a 125MSa/s sampling rate, it elevates affordability without compromising on performance. Boasting 200 built-in arbitrary waveforms, this series offers a robust yet budget-friendly signal generator ideal for students and engineers.

Multiple Modulation Functions

A diverse range of modulation types, including AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM.


Frequency Output

25 MHz sine waveform output, double channel multiple waveform selection. Multiple waveform signals are available including: sine wave, square, ramp, pulse, noise, DC and arbitrary waveforms.


48 Built-in Arbitrary Waveforms

The instrument comes equipped with 48 non-volatile standard waveforms, commonly used functions include mathematical, trigonometric and window functions.


Sweep and Burst Functions

The UTG4000A Series facilitates scanning output across a frequency range, accommodating both low-to-high and high-to-low frequency scans. The scanning options encompass linear and logarithmic types. Burst mode functions provide three types of pulse trains: N cycle, Infinite and Gated


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