UNI-T UTG1000X Series Waveform Generators

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The UNI-T UTG1000X Series is an economical, high-performance and multi-functional waveform generator, cable of producing a stable waveform output at a resolution as low as 1μHz.

  • Arbitrary Wavelength: 4 Kpts

  • Maximum Output Frequency: 40 MHz

  • Sample Rate: 200 MSa/s

UNI-T UTG1000X Series Waveform Generators

Product Overview

Introducing the UTG1000X series: your go-to solution for precise and stable waveform generation, boasting resolutions as fine as 1μHz. Economical yet high-performing, this function/arbitrary waveform generator delivers accurate, clean, and low-distortion signals. With user-friendly operation, superior technical specifications, and a humanized graphic display, it caters to diverse needs in learning, testing, and production environments.

Equal Performance Dual Channel

Ensure high-performance output simultaneously on two channels while maintaining high amplitude even at high frequencies.


Ultra-Low Jitter

Capable of producing square waves up to 10MHz with rapid edges and jitter of less than 200ps, ensuring a cleaner signal.


High Signal-to-Noise Ratio

With larger offsets and smaller signal outputs, experience purer results and an ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio, surpassing similar-grade products.


Rich Burst Function

Offering three distinct pulse train generation methods, enhancing flexibility for generating a wide range of pulse trains.

Multiple Modulation Modes

Offering seven analog and digital modulation methods, including AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK, and PWM, catering to diverse applications across multiple fields.

Sweep Function

The UTG1000X Series facilitates scanning output across a frequency range, accommodating both low-to-high and high-to-low frequency scans. The scanning options encompass linear and logarithmic types.



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