FLIR IRW-xPC/xPS Inspection Windows

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The FLIR IRW-xPC/xPS windows enhance inspection efficiency and accessibility, reducing unplanned downtime costs. These durable, impact-resistant polymer windows offer the largest viewing area for monitoring energised electrical equipment and are suitable for harsh industrial environments and shipboard use.

Introducing the FLIR IRW-xPC/xPS – the latest addition to the FLIR IR Window family, designed to revolutionise your inspection processes. These advanced rectangular polymer windows provide the largest viewing area available, allowing you to monitor undisturbed assets inside energised electrical equipment efficiently and safely.

With the FLIR IRW-xPC/xPS, you can inspect energised electrical equipment quickly without opening the panel door, maintaining safety and compliance. This innovation helps you reduce inspection times and minimise risk, ensuring a safer working environment.

Built for longevity, the impact-resistant optics of the IR Windows-xPC/xPS are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are stable and durable, ensuring they remain effective and reliable without deterioration over time, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including shipboard use.

The large, rectangular viewing area of the IRW-xPC/xPS provides an unparalleled field of view, allowing you to access and inspect components that are typically challenging to monitor. This enhanced visibility ensures you can cover more equipment comprehensively, even those not usually included in standard inspection programs.

Enhance your inspection capabilities with the FLIR IRW-xPC/xPS, and experience greater efficiency, safety, and reliability in your industrial inspections. This innovative solution from FLIR saves time, reduces costs, and maintains the highest safety standards.

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