Temperature USB Data Logger with LCD Display



The AEL-USB-1LCD USB data logger has a 16,382 readings capacity. Simply download the stored data directly to your PC or laptop’s USB port. Ideal for monitoring and recording temperature conditions and history in controlled environments, laboratories, clean rooms, storage, transportation and other critical areas.

 The AEL-DataPad allows users of AEL-USB data loggers to configure loggers, download data, and view logging results on-the-spot, rather than removing the logger from the environment being measured and taking it to a PC. Click here to view the DataPad.

  • -35° to +80°C x 0.5°
  • Hi-contrast LCD display
  • USB interface for set-up and data transfer to PC or laptop
  • Set-up allows the user to select logging rate, start time, alarm limits and logging mode
  • User selectable logging intervals – Min 10 sec’s, Max 12 hours
  • Green LED for logging confirmation
  • 2 programmable alarm thresholds (high/low)
  • Red LED if alarm limits exceeded
  • Dust-tight and waterproof to IP-67 rating – protected against temporary immersion when protective cap fitted
  • Analysis software with graphical display of data – total readings, zoom facility to individual readings and visual indication of alarm levels
  • Supplied with software and battery

    Technical Specification

    Range: -35° to +80°C
    Resolution: 0.5°C
    Accuracy: ±1°C (-10° to +40°C) ±2°C others
    Logging Rate: From 1 sec up to 12 hrs (user selectable)
    Max Readings: 16,382 data sets
    Dimensions: 98 x 26 x 22mm
    Power: 1 x 3.6V ½AA lithium battery (SB-AA02) typical 1 year
    Weight: 39g

    Calibration Options

    A calibration service can be purchased for this unit. Once the Service has been performed a certificate of calibration is produced and dispatched with your order. Calibration Services are performed on receipt of your order and as such will delay shipping. Details and options are outlined below.

    Traceable Calibration (Logging) Price
    Issued at 4 points: -10°C, 5°C, 20°C & 40°C £45.00
    Additional points: From -15°C to 50°C £5.00 per point
    Traceable certification is adequate for most applications and meets the calibration requirements of ISO 9001. All measurements contained in this type of certification are traceable back to National UKAS Standards.
    UKAS Calibration (Logging) Price
    Issued at 4 points: 5°C, 15°C, 25°C & 40°C £85.50
    Additional points: From 5°C to 50°C £10.00 per point

    A UKAS calibration can also be considered traceable. The difference between the two is that UKAS calibrations are carried out under the remit of an ISO/IEC 17025 quality system by a laboratory that has been accredited by UKAS, to ensure the consistency and accuracy of results.

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