Thickness Meter (Foils) Calibration Certificate (Traceable)

SKU: N-1002X



This is a traceable calibration certificate certified to national standards and traceable to UKAS calibrated equipment.

Additional calibration points can be purchased to customise the calibration for your application.

This service is designed to be purchased with new thickness meters purchased from our store. Should you wish to have an anemometer you already own calibrated, please contact our calibration department on 01530 566804 and our team will be happy to help.

Technical Specification

Traceable Calibration (Thickness Meter Foils) Price
Issued at up to 8 points: £60.00
Traceable certification is adequate for most applications and meets the calibration requirements of ISO 9001. All measurements contained in this type of certification are traceable back to National UKAS Standards.

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