Picking your PT100 Probe


If you are here you are probably interested in purchasing our PT100 Thermometer over at the ATP store or have just read one of our guides over at our blog and are wanting to know more about PT100 probes options. So let’s get you informed. Important Note: This guide presumes you are purchasing a custom probe for the ATP PT100 Thermometer. This means certain assumptions have already been made to the specification of the probe/unit. Sensor Type: 3 wire RTD - Flat Film Detector with a Lumberg KFV60 connection. Probes ordered may not be compatible with other PT100 devices.

Step 1: Identify the type of probe needed via your application

  • Air Probe
  • Penetration Probe
  • Immersion Probe
  • Surface Probe
  • Mineral Insulated Probe

PT100 probes can be ordered in a variety of styles designed for different applications. Air probes for measuring gases, penetration probes for semi-solids and liquids. Immersion probes for liquids and surface probes for surface contact measurement. Mineral-insulated probes are excellent when the probe needs to be shaped to fit. As standard, we supply a selection of Air and penetration probes but a bespoke probe can be constructed to match your exact application.

Step 2: Choose the Class of Probe Needed

  • 1/3 DIN
  • 1/10 DIN

PT100 probes can be ordered in a variety of classes that affect the overall accuracy of the unit. Our guide on Pt100 Accuracy and Probe Classification will enable you to make an informed decision. Generally speaking, Class B is suitable for most industrial applications whilst 1/10 DIN is regularly used as a reference thermometer, a replacement for mercury thermometers or in laboratories. But you may find something in between more suitable.

Step 3: Pick your probe length and diameter

For most applications the exact length and diameter of your probe will be inconsequential. However, some set-ups, such as applications where mercury thermometers were inserted require very specific lengths and diameters. Our standard probes measure 100 to 150mm by 3.2mm in diameter, however, you can get yours to any specification you would like.

Step 4: Pick your cable style

If you're getting a custom probe, why not go the whole hog? As standard, we provide a 1m coiled cable to connect your probe to the PT100 unit. But you can get this as long or short as you would like, straight or coiled. Take your pick.

Step 5: Give us a call and get your free quotation

Once you know what you want, give our sales team a call on 01530 566800 or email sales@atp-instruments.co.uk and we will get back to you with your bespoke solution as soon as possible.