UV and White Light Torch



The AUVT-1 is a powerful and compact UV and white light torch featuring a 365nm wavelength. Using an adjustable convex lens, the torch offers a good quality of illumination, the beam spread can be focused using the lens adjustment.


The UV light is the perfect wavelength for examining faded documents, highlighting ink invisible to the human eye. It also shows previous repairs on ceramic, retouching on and under paintings, mould on art-works and security identification marks on works of art, mineral and gemstone observation.


The UV light will highlight metal fatigue

Forensics & Counterfeit Verification

The UV light is used extensively within forensics to highlight bodily fluids and hidden marks at crime scenes. It is also a useful tool in the fight against counterfeiting, displaying hidden inks within banknotes. of the UV light makes capturing photographic evidence of work easier. IPX-7 water resistance. Easily switch between white and UV light using the button on the base. Compact size (106mm Length x 20mm body diameter) complete with pen clip.

  • 365nm wavelength
  • Compact size: 106mm x 20mm diameter
  • Pen clip
  • Water resistant to IPX-7
  • Adjustable convex lens

Technical Specification

White Light
LED: High power 3W LED
LED Life more than 50,000 hours
Max brightness: 160 lumens
Max beam distance: 130m
UV Light
Power: High power 1W
UV Wavelength 365nm
LED Life: 10,000 hours
Dimensions: 106mm x 20mm diameter
Power: Requires 1 AA alkaline battery (LR-6)

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