SONIK Workplace Sound Level Meter

SKU: GA242-S


The SONIK-S helps you protect your workforce from over exposure to noise, and helps you ensure your company is complying with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. With it’s simple measurement set up and intuitive interface, the SONIK-S makes conducting occupational noise surveys simple and straightforward.

  • Measures Lp, Leq, LMax, Exposure Pa2h, Lep'd, %Dose, %Dose Per hour, Points, Points Per Hour, L10, L90, L(user) LE
  • Class 1 or Class 2
  • Measure parameters simultaneously including LAeq, LCeq and CPeak
  • Under range and Overload indicators
  • User selectable Exchange rate, Threshold and Criterion level
  • A, C or Z frequency rating selection
  • A,C or Z Peak Measurements
  • Slow, Fast and Impulse time weighting selection
  • 4mb internal flash memory (up to 4000 results)
  • Noise at work parameters
  • Hearing Protection using the HML method (via fostware)

    Technical Specification

    Technical Specification
    Linear Range 25 - 100db(Low) 45 - 120dB (Medium) 65 - 140dB (High)
    Peak Range 40 - 103dB (Low) 60 - 123 db (Medium) 80 - 143 dB (High)
    Parameters Lp, Leq, Lmax, Lpeak, Exposure Pa2h, Lep’d, %Dose, %Dose, Per Hour, Points, Points Per Hour, Under Range, Overload
    Applicable Standard IEC 61672-1: 2013 Class 1 or Class 2 Group X IEC 61672-1: 2002 Class 1 or Class 2 Group X IEC 61252:1993/AMD2:2017
    Microphone Microphone: Class 1: ½” Pre-Polarized - Free Field (IEC) Pressure (ANSI) Sensititvity (25mV/Pa) (Class 1) Class 2: ½” Pre-Polarized - Free Field (IEC) Pressure (ANSI) Sensititvity (25mV/Pa) (Class 2)
    Noise Floor 'A' Weighting < 16.0dB 'B' Weighting < 17.2dB 'Z' Weighting < 18.9dB
    Time Weightings Slow, Fast and Impulse
    Languages Languages: English UK, English US, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek.
    Power Power: Batteries:4 x AA (1.5V) - Typically 12+ hours continuous use
    Dimensions Dimensions: Including Pre-Amplifier: 260mm (H) x 67mm (W) x 26mm (D) Excluding Pre-Amplifier: 184mm (H) x 67mm (W) x 26mm (D)
    Weight 300g including batteries

    Product Software

    You can analyse your data using either secure Cloud ( or PC based software that’s free and simple to use, or if you simply want to write them down you can view your results directly from the large colour screen.

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