Humidity & Temperature Data Logging Tablet

SKU: AHT-1700


The AHT-1700 is a high accuracy temperature and humidity data logger with graphical user display. The probe offers a simple clip fi t in to the rear of the unit and has an optional 1meter extension cable for easy and convenient probe positioning.

The large 7” display offers simplified view when not in use for taking readings at a glance. When a user interacts with the unit, a live reading graphical display is shown. All recordings are saved on the 8gb internal memory and can be viewed on the unit or downloaded to PC via the supplied USB cable.

Programmable temperature and humidity alarms sound until silenced. Whilst logging, all alarm triggers are recorded in the units memory for

  • °C / °F, %RH and Dew point
  • Programmable hi/low temperature alarm
  • Programmable hi/low humidity alarm
  • Alarm history
  • 8GB Internal storage
  • USB Transfer to PC
  • Touchscreen
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Rechargeable battery

Technical Specification

  Temperature Humidity
Range -10° to +80°C 0% to 100% RH
Resolution 0.1°C 0.1% RH
Accuracy ±1°C
Power Rechargeable lithium battery - AC Power adapter (supplied)
Dimensions 196 x 110 x 16mm
Weight 357g

Calibration Options

A traceable calibration service can be purchased for this unit. Once the Service has been performed a certificate of calibration is produced and dispatched with your order. Calibration Services are performed on receipt of your order and as such will delay shipping. Details and options are outlined below.

Traceable Calibration (Temperature / Humidity)
CAL-HT £80.00
2 x Temp; 20°C & 30°C
2 x %RH; 35% & 75% @ 20°C
CAL-HT3 £88.00
2 x Temp; 20°C & 30°C
3 x %RH; 35%, 55% & 75% @ 20°C
Additional Points available from 
0°C to 50°C / 30% to 95%RH
+£5.00 per additional temperature point
+15.00 per additional humidity point 
UKAS Calibration (Temperature / Humidity)
Issued at 4 points: 20°C & 30°C (Temp)
35% & 75% @ 20°C (Humidity)
Additional points available from: 5°C to 50°C / 25% to 95%RH
Price: £116.40
+£10.00 per additional temperature point
+25.00 per additional humidity point 

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