20 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System

SKU: AVB-710-23


The AVB-710 portable pipe inspection camera system has a 20 metre long fibreglass rod cable. It is water and dust proof to IP-68 capable of withstanding pressures up to 1bar (under water 10m). It is ideal for inspection applications in general floor drains & pipe work, boiler & heat exchanger tubes, steam feed lines, chimneys, ducting etc. It comes with a choice of 3 camera heads that are not interchangeable.

  • Capture still or video images with the option of voice over recording and or text edit reporting via the keyboard
  • 315 x 40mm high contrast & high resolution TFT colour display with up, down, left and right adjustment
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Choice of 3 camera heads
  • Over 4 hours working battery capacity
  • 40mm and 80mm centralising camera skids
  • Additional skids can be manufactured to custom dimensions
  • Large clear TFT display
  • Image, video and audio data storage
  • Rechargable12V 14W li-ion battery
  • 5 hour charge time, > 4 hours working capacity
  • 8GB SD Card data storage system with date and time stamp
  • Data recordings can be saved and can be attached to reports or emails

Supplied complete with a rugged briefcase style carry case, stainless steel cable frame, 20 metre cable, camera head, display control monitor, keyboard, charger and battery

Camera Head Options

The ABV-710 comes with a choice of 3 camera heads that are NOT interchangeable. Please explore your options below and ensure you purchase the correct camera head for your application


A 23mmØ heavy duty, spring loaded, stainless steel camera head that has 12 adjustable white ultra bright LED lights with a scratch proof sapphire glass camera lens.

Supplied with: 2 skids 40mm & 80mm


A 6mmØ fixed camera head ideal for small pipes.

Supplied with: 12mm skid


A 14mmØ heavy duty, spring loaded, stainless steel camera head that is designed to fit round two consecutive bends in a pipe.

Supplied with: 30mm skid

Technical Specification

Picture Rate Up to 30fps
Video Format NTSC / PAL
Resolution 1440 x 234 pixels
Power 12V 14W li-ion rechargeable battery
Dimensions 332 x 132mm
Weight 7.3Kg including carry case
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