ATP is a part of a network of calibration houses that offers a selection of calibration services across a wide range of test and measurement instrumentation. Our own in-house laboratory offers a variety of calibration services traceable to UKAS standards. Our partner laboratories are UKAS accredited and through them we can offer a variety of UKAS accredited calibration services.

We are happy to supply our own instruments with calibration or calibrate customers existing instrumentation. If you require your existing instruments calibrated, give our calibration team a call and see if we can help on 01530 566804 or email at

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We can calibrate your instruments!

Did you know you can send us your instruments for calibration? Find your instrument/service below for more information and a no obligation quote!

  • Humidity Meter Calibration
  • Light Meter Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
    • Probe Thermometer Calibration
    • Infrared Thermometer Calibration
    • K-Type Thermometer Calibration
  • Sound Calibration
  • Distance Calibration
  • Environment Meter Calibration
  • Airflow Calibration
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Thickness Meter Calibration
  • Timer Calibration
  • Multimeter Calibration
  • Scale Calibration

We are currently adding more information pages about all our calibrations. Please call 01530 566800 for a full list of our calibration services.