Extech IAQ320 Indoor Air Quality Monitor and Datalogger with PM2.5

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Extech IAQ320

The Extech IAQ320 Indoor Air Quality Monitor is designed to assess and maintain optimal indoor air conditions. It measures critical parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity, and dew point, providing real-time data for improved air quality management. Ideal for environments like offices, schools, and hospitals, it features a user-friendly interface and data logging capabilities for comprehensive analysis. 

The Extech IAQ320 Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a sophisticated device designed for professionals to ensure optimal indoor air quality. It measures key parameters such as CO2, formaldehyde (CH2O), particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, and humidity, offering a comprehensive analysis of indoor environments. Its large colour LCD display provides real-time data, making it easy to identify and address air quality issues promptly.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Parameter Measurement: Simultaneously monitors CO2, formaldehyde, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, and humidity for a complete air quality assessment.
  • Real-Time Data Display: The large colour LCD screen presents real-time data for quick analysis and decision-making.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, the IAQ320 is designed for easy transport and use in various settings.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Ensures continuous monitoring with a long-lasting battery life, ideal for extended use in different environments.
  • Data Logging: Capable of storing data for trend analysis and long-term monitoring, which can be crucial for identifying patterns and recurring issues.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring: The IAQ320 provides a holistic view of indoor air quality by measuring multiple parameters simultaneously, ensuring no aspect of air quality is overlooked.
  • Enhanced Health and Safety: By identifying harmful pollutants and ensuring proper ventilation, the monitor helps create a healthier indoor environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and other health problems.
  • User-Friendly Design: The intuitive interface and real-time data display make it easy for users to operate and interpret the results, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of environments, the IAQ320 is a versatile tool for professionals across various industries, enhancing its value and applicability.

The Extech IAQ320 Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a powerful and versatile tool, essential for anyone needing precise and comprehensive air quality measurements. 

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  • Offices: Monitor air quality to ensure a healthy and productive work environment.
  • Factories: Keep track of indoor air conditions to maintain safety standards and protect workers' health.
  • Schools: Ensure safe and healthy air quality for students and staff.
  • Hospitals: Maintain optimal air quality to safeguard patients and healthcare workers.
  • Residential: Assess and improve air quality in homes to create a healthier living environment.

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