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    Gooseneck Extension
    1 Metre Gooseneck Extension AEXT-1
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    1.5V AA Alkaline Battery
    1.5V AA Alkaline Battery LR-6
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    1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery
    1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery LR-3
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    1.5V Button Cell Alkaline Battery (A76/LR44)
    LR-43 Battery
    CM-3345 Clamp MeterCM-3345 Clamp Meter
    1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter (True RMS) ACM-3345

    • Range Current: 1000A
    • Range Voltage: 600V
    • Temperature: 1000°C

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    100m Laser Distance Meter100m Laser Distance Meter Side View
    100m Laser Distance Meter AFL-100

    • Range: 5cm to 100m
    • Resolution: 1mm
    • Accuracy: ±1.5mm (up to 10m)
      ±1.5mm ±0.2mm/m (above 10m)

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    10x Printer Paper Rolls
    10x Printer Paper Rolls YKB-A10
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    125ml Ultrasonic sensor couplant gel
    TM-308 Stopwatch
    12mm Digit Stopwatch ATM-308

    • Range: 23Hr's 59Min's 59Sec's
    • Resolution: 1/100 sec
    • Accuracy: ±0.5 Sec in 24Hrs

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    12mmØ hot work probe
    12mmØ hot work probe TB-US02
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    12V 23A Alkaline Battery
    12V 23A Alkaline Battery V-23A
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    20 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System20 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System
    20 Metre Pipe Inspection Camera System AVB-710-23
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    Replacement Electrodes
    20 Replacement Electrodes MS-EL
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    DM-920 Digital Multimeter
    2000 Count Digital Multimeter (Manual Ranging) ADM-920

    • Range Voltage: 600V
    • Range Current: 10A

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    ET-920 2PSI Pressure MeterET-920 2PSI Pressure Meter
    2PSI Pressure Meter AET-920

    • Range: 0 to ±2PSI
    • Resolution: 0.001PSI
    • Accuracy: ±0.3%

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    SB-AA02 Lithium Battery
    3.6V 1/2 AA Lithium Battery SB-AA02
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    3.6V Hi Temperature AA Lithium Battery
    393-Series: 15Kg Hanging Scale
    393-Series: 15Kg Hanging Scale A393-21

    • Capacity: 15Kg
    • Resolution: 20g
    • Accuracy: ±40g

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    393-Series: 50Kg Hanging Scale
    393-Series: 50Kg Hanging Scale A393-50

    • Capacity: 50Kg
    • Resolution: 50g
    • Accuracy: ±100g

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    393-Series: 50Kg Hanging Scale
    393-Series: 50Kg Hanging Scale A393-100

    • Capacity: 50Kg
    • Resolution: 100g
    • Accuracy: ±200g

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    3V Lithium Button Cell Battery
    3V Button Cell Lithium Battery (CR-2032)
    PT-5035 4-in-1 Environment MeterPT-5035 4-in-1 Environment Meter
    4-in-1 Environment Meter APT-5035

    • Humidity: 25% to 95%RHRH
    • Temp: -20° to 750°C (K-Type)
    • Sound: 35 to 130dB
    • Light: 0 to 20,000 Lux

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